The Yarmouk Water Company confirmed its readiness with all its cadres to deal with the weather conditions accompanying the depression, which is expected to start tomorrow, Wednesday, and in coordination with the emergency operations rooms and the administrative governors in the northern governorates (Irbid, Jerash, Ajloun, Mafraq) and its mandate in order to receive complaints and follow them up as quickly as possible. The company stated in a statement, and that the distribution program continues as usual unless there are any technical malfunctions, which are announced directly through the various media. The company called on the citizens to cooperate and not connect roof gutters to sewage networks in light of weather conditions and rain, which the water company warns of. Yarmouk constantly and before every depression, which causes a large number of complaints of sewage flooding and the exit of wastewater into the streets and causing health problems as a result of the flow of large quantities of water from the roofs of houses into the sewage networks that are greater than their absorptive capacity and indicated the need to follow the procedures And the instructions that guarantee the safety of the meters in the event of freezing, by wrapping them in a piece of cloth or burlap, and then wrapping them with a piece of plastic or a plastic bag where These measures will ensure safety. The company called on the citizens not to remove the covers of the sewage manholes in the streets in order to drain the accumulated rainwater because of the blockage of the lines as a result of the entry of many solid materials such as bags, stones and sand that rain water washes with it into the manholes, which calls for great efforts to remove the blockages after Waste water filled the streets and harmed the neighbours, especially those who live in the settlement apartments, not to mention the damage that may be caused to pedestrians and vehicles when the manhole covers are removed, to be vulnerable to the fall of vehicles or citizens. She indicated the importance of checking the tanks and the validity of the flashers in order to preserve water from waste, which causes high water bills, especially In the winter, the inability to distinguish between rainwater and overflowing water from reservoirs occurs. If the tanks are worn out or the headlights are damaged. The company called for the adoption of the unified complaints number (117116) for water and sanitation complaints.

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